Lightning  Running Club 

The first practice will be held on March 8, 2020 at 3:00 pm.  The location will be Linganore High School.

Urbana High School

Oakdale High School

Practice Schedule


Practice is our most important time for developing athletes.  Therefore, it is important athletes miss as few practices as possible. Even though practice attendance is not mandatory, it will be very difficult for improvement to occur for an athlete if practices are consistently missed.




We need a track for our practices, as our workouts are event and distance specific.  The only tracks in our area are at local high schools located within their main stadium.

While our local schools are very supportive to our program, their own teams have first priority to their facilities.  This means when a high school has a sports or school event scheduled in their stadium we will be unable to practice at that time.  Other outside groups also want to use the schools’ stadiums, especially considering Linganore, Oakdale, and now Urbana, all have new turf infields.  So demand is high, which means we may not be given all the practice days we want.  This is also why it is difficult for us to practice on the same days of each week – because the stadium and track are not available.  This is especially true during the high school lacrosse season, which usually lasts until early May.


For these reasons, we will not know our 2020 Practice Schedule until after the high schools have finalized their 2020 Spring athlete teams’ practice and game schedules.  We hope to have the schedule finalized sometime in late February and it will be posted on this website as soon as it is available.




We usually schedule three practices a week, including a Saturday or Sunday during the first month and before the meets start.  Many of our athletes are involved in other sports and activities, making it difficult for them to attend all three weekly practices.  We understand that, which is why we schedule three practices.  If your child can make all three – great.  If they can make it to two practices – that’s still good, especially if they are physically active during other days.

As we stated earlier, your child is going to get out of the sport whatever they are able to put into it.

Linganore High School