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Reasons to Consider High School Track for your Child

High school Track & Field is the second most popular sport among high school students, nationwide.  In Maryland, there are two seasons of the sport in each school year – Indoor Track during the Winter Season, and Track & Field (aka Outdoor Track) during the Spring Season.

All of the local counties in Maryland have competitive varsity teams for both boys and girls for Indoor and for Outdoor Track, and Lightning provides dozens of the athletes for these teams each year.

Over the past 10 years, hundreds of Lightning athletes have made their mark for their high school teams, including numerous County champions, State champions, and State medalists.  And the Lightning athletes are not just one dimensional, as they have succeeded in every event – all 13 events in Indoor and all 18 events in Outdoor.

This current school year is no exception, as Lightning athletes will have major impacts on their school team’s chances of winning Counties and States.  This includes twelve different high schools in four different counties.

And many Lightning athletes have earned college athletic scholarships in Track & Field and have continued to compete at that next level.


By joining Lightning, your kids gain valuable experience in their individual events and also in competing against top athletes, both of which carry over into high school, allowing them to contribute sooner to their team’s successes instead of having to learn from scratch from their high school coaches who can often be short of time for proper training guidance.

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